Due Diligence Report (Site Evaluation)

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Due Diligence Report Cover

I have created a short video that runs through the main features of a Site Evaluation or Due Diligence Report. The video goes through an actual property development that we evaluated for an existing client.

The format that you see in this report is the same one we use no matter what type of site we are evaluating. This particular property is a small outparcel of a shopping center, but the report would look similar if we had evaluated a site for a large subdivision, or even a multi-use planned development. All reports look the same.

As a developer, you should be doing similar due diligence reports on the properties you are evaluating. Although they don’t need to be as formal, a consistent structure will help ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked. It will also make it very easy to find information quickly when a question comes up on a project.

Another great reason for property developers to compile their due diligence in a report, is that it is beneficial when hiring your team members. When you meet with your team members to request proposals on a project and you hand them the preliminary report you have completed, it shows professionalism. And it also shows what level of service you expect from them as well.

Please note: To protect our client’s information, all names and identification of the property, its location, and the people and companies involved have been changed.

You can watch the video here,

Due Diligence Report Cover

Site Evaluation Video.

A downloadable copy of the report in the video is included with our “Devil Due Diligence” Video Course

You can get your copy here,

DEVIL DUE DILIGENCE: Research The Hell Out Of You Land For FREE.


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Kelly S. Klatt, CPP May 19, 2011 at 12:21 pm

I read your article and viewed your video. Nice work ! Great methodology for any perspective developer. Have you had any questions regarding wrapping a security assessment into the same Due Diligence package ? In recent lawsuits regarding property liability issues, we have seen an increasing focus on pre-development area crime analysis and post development security mitigation steps. I look forward to future articles from PDS.

Thank you …. Kelly

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