Grab This Free Real Estate Estimating App Before It’s Gone

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I have something important to share with you today.

Greg Clement and his team have created an incredible new tool called the Hammerpoint App that allows you to create accurate real estate estimates in just a few minutes from your mobile device or computer.

I have known Greg personally for a number of years now and he is the most professional real estate property expert I know.

He is a master of using technology to do core real estate tasks faster, easier and on a larger scale.

Most investors struggle with how much to offer on properties that they want to invest in – they don’t want to offer too much and lose money on the deal or offer too little and possibly lose the deal altogether. When you’re not sure what to offer, each one can seem like a craps shoot.

If you’ve had this struggle, you’re definitely not alone.

You can’t know how much to offer until you know how much work the property needs and it’s tough to estimate how much work a property needs without a good repair estimate.

That’s exactly why Greg Clement and his team created the new Hammerpoint App that can be used from your mobile device or computer and he’s giving it away for free today!

Learn more about the Hammerpoint Free App here

Hammerpoint is one of the most popular and widely used tools in Greg’s software platform, so he stripped it out of the software and created a standalone app that you can use literally anywhere – even from your mobile device or computer.

Click Here To Download

It’s totally Free.

It’s incredible and it’s simple to use.

Make sure you get your free download today because they’ll be taking it off the market very soon. This is an app that will change your business.

Download the free Hammerpoint App here now.

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