The 5 Steps To A Successful Real Estate Business

by CM

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Making money in real estate is one thing.  Generating REPEATABLE real estate profits month after month after month, is another and there are 5 key steps to get you there.

My friend, Greg Clement outlines the 5 Step system that you can follow to create repeatable and long term profits in your real estate business in a great video he just made.

Watch the video here

I am not going to steal Greg’s thunder by giving away all 5 steps here.  But I am going to give away Step 3 which I think is the most important.
Step 3 talks about how to model your real estate business after a franchise and why it’s so important.

A franchise is THE best repeatable profit system out there, which is exactly why Greg talks about how to model it.

Here are some stats for you to think about -
*  85% of small businesses make it past their first year
*  Only 50% make it past 5 years
*  Only 35% make it past 10 years

But unlike most businesses, a franchise has an 80-95% success rate of making it past 5 years!
Franchises are so successful because they are the model of consistency.  They have systems in place for every aspect of the business and each system is set up to generate repeatable profits.

Franchises have 2 main systems that make them successful.

1.  They have created a marketing system that works like a machine to generate profits over and over and over again.

2.  What franchises have done better than anything else is they have taken the decision making out of their business processes.  Every operation is on auto-pilot and every operation is designed to create repeatable profits.

Learn HOW to build a franchise-like machine here
Watch the video here

If you’re like a lot of investors who struggle to make decisions, then this is going to completely change your business because Greg is going to teach you how to remove the decision making element from your business.

Lack of decision making is something that can paralyze a business and the ones who succeed are the ones who make decisions, whether right or wrong, and continue moving forward.  They don’t let the fear of the unknown hold them back.

That’s why this video is so important – Greg is going to give you the steps to creating a franchise-like business so there is as little decision making as possible and the need to make a decision doesn’t stop the forward momentum of your business.

Setting up your business to generate repeatable profits will set you up for financial freedom and will even set up generations for years to come!

Watch the video here

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